Saturday, April 11

Catching Up

April 3rd - My morning
 April 4th - Pastel (hundreds and thousands)
 April 5th - Eggs
April 6th - Peace
April 7th - Letters
April 8th - Yellow
 April 9th - What I'm listening to
 April 11th - My view today
 And a photo of Molly just because
Hello how has your week been? We've had a pretty quiet week really one day we didn't even leave the house, gee I love those days I probably could use a few more but not sure my two would agree. There has been a bit of baking done, a tiny bit of craft I really need to do more, a trip to the city and a day at the shops for my teen to have lunch with her friend. I have been good and still following the prompts from The Bethadilly Challenge - April Prompts.  Some days are a little trickier than others but I'm loving the challenge and the fact I am picking up my camera each day.  There hasn't really been much else happening here, just life and the usual family things some fun and some not as fun ahh the joys of family..... Tomorrow though hubby, the girls and I are going to have a family photo shoot which should be fun.  I have to say I am super nervous it has been years since we've had a family photo done of just the four of us but it really is important to me to have these memories, before I know it Miss 15 will be finished school and have her own life.... Anyway I hope all is going well in your world, that you have had an enjoyable Saturday and that Sunday is sensational too. 


  1. Looks like just the right amount of goodies and resting...perfect holidays.
    Yes do that photo shoot...they are growing up way too fast xxxx

  2. All great photos for the prompt and, of course, Molly is just the icing on the cake. :) Dusty weather here the past several days. When I get out in it, I get migraines. So today has been a pajama day. My favorite kind. But back to work tomorrow. Boo! Best wishes, Tammy

  3. Great photos and giving you a different subject to photograph is good. Love the low bike perspective and the bed scene my favs. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  4. We are having a don't leave the house day today - it's been way too long, and gee I am loving it. We also had a few family photos taken recently too - so worth it! I just love your images Catherine. Such beautiful shots. I could look at them all day xx

  5. I love days with nowhere to be and no particular plans where you can just enjoy being home. How did the family photo shoot go? x


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