Friday, October 23

Hello.....I am so sorry for not being in this space for the longest time.  I am afraid I have gone to the dark side and am on instagram a little too often and I have sadly neglected my favourite space.  I miss blogging, I miss the chats and the connections.  I miss the visiting and the beautiful big photos and the regularity of it mmmm.  The other day I didn't go on it at all and it felt good, something I need to do more often I think. So how have you been?  I bet life is getting busy with the end of the year nearing, functions start coming around and thoughts of Christmas (yes I said IT) is on our minds.  I have started thinking of Christmas, yep that's about it hahaha. I'm thinking of gifts and what Christmas cards to make but haven't quite started on anything concrete just yet but that's the plan I think for next week.  Otherwise we are all well I have been going to the gym and baking and being a Mum and wife which keeps me busy. I have so many photos to catch you up with so I will start with some photos I took when I met a good friend of mine at the botanical gardens a few weeks ago.  I promise to be back very soon. Thank you for visiting.


  1. Beautiful pictures as always. I find myself on instagram far too often instead of over here on the blog. I miss it too, but I just can't find my groove x

  2. Lovely to hear from you! I need to get organised for Christmas too! xx

  3. I find if you take a break from instagram when you go back there is so much catching up to do and scrolling, scrolling. I was off Instagram all last week because I had troubles installing my new phone. Not Christmas already! Gorgeous daughter and lovely garden pics.

  4. Yes life is very busy...and I can't even bring myself to say the "c" word in denial.
    Love that you are busy being a mum. Xxxx


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