Saturday, October 24

Roma Street Parklands

Today my hubby, Miss 11 and I went for a nice long walk around Roma Street Parklands while my big girl was off doing her sporty thing.  The three of us seem to be spending more time together these days as my oldest carves her own life.  It seems like in a blink of an eye you go from finding parks to play in to slowly walking around taking photos together, talking along the way and enjoying each others company.  I know when the girls were little I could never imagine them being big, and now they are which is exciting and a little sad at the same time but life after all.  Anyway the overcast day today made the perfect day for photo taking and slow wandering.  The spring display was beautiful and well worth a visit if you live in Brisbane.  Come for a walk with me around the park.  I hope you enjoy the many photos.


  1. Gorgeous collection of wonderful Australian images! I lived in Brisbane for a few years but never knew these gardens existed - or maybe they didn't back then.

  2. Beautiful.....and yes I know exactly that feeling it is happening in our family too. So proud they are making their way but terribly sad for the days that have gone so fast.
    Have a fantastic week. Xxxx

  3. Really beautiful photos- looks like a great place to wander.. I know the feeling too of growing children!


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