Monday, February 14

Hi! It's been a while, I'm sorry for not being around.  It's been difficult getting back into the groove of blogging this year.  My hubby has been home so I've been spending time with him, enjoying having him home and not at work.  

Last week my sister in law and my little niece when off on a plane overseas to be with family.  We won't be seeing them for 3 months so when my niece returns she'll be 6 months and will be so big and doing so much.  As a little gift for the long plane ride I made this quick and simple tag toy using this tutorial but I didn't add the crinkle element of the toy.

I've also been a bit busy doing party planning for Miss 7's birthday party with friends. I really wanted to make her birthday as homemade as possible so I was kept busy making decorations, cooking cupcakes, jam drop biscuits and the birthday cake, making play dough and bubble wands ( thanks to my darling hubby), sewing bunting and notebooks for the party bags.  It was all worth it, the birthday girl loved having her friends over and all the girls happily played for most of the party in the cubby house and on the swings.

This week it should be a quieter week at home planting some vegetables in the garden beds my hubby made me:), it's been a while since my garden has been productive.

Have a wonderful week, see all of you soon.


  1. Hi there lovely lady! you have been missed, but it is so wonderful that you have spending time with your family!! Loving the birthday party for your Miss 7...can you just fly down here to help me with a few parties this year!!! You did such a beautiful job - congratulations. I am also loving the garden beds...nothing like your own vegies!! Hope you had a fabulous Valentine's Day ~ Txx

  2. Oh my goodness, what stunning party decorations, it all looks so beautiful!

  3. Im so jealous of those garden beds!!! THey are great , cant wait to see some planting progress, I live vicariously at the moment, we dont have a vege patch. The birthday decorations look absolutley gorgeous too, you are so talented!

  4. That party table looks beautiful. I wouldn't mind one like that for my birthday. Well done on the bunting, it's so pretty.

  5. Happy Birthday to Miss 6 (now seven:) Te part table looks great - I love a handmade feel to parties.

    The garden beds look great - I would love to do that here but then I would nave no lawn for the kis and I dont thing that the landlords would be too impressed

  6. Hi Catherine, have missed your posts but understand you wanting to spend time with your family, I've been the same with Paul on holidays and have found myself blogging less as we've been busier. Your birthday party table looks like something straight out of a party blog!! I love the bunting, you've done an amazing job. I am very jealour of your vegetable garden patch - how wonderful to have so much room to plant crops in. Can't wait to see/read about what you put in. Big hugs xx

  7. Catherine, adding to what Amanda said, I had to re-read your post because I thought your party shot was a magazine photo! Really beautiful. Glad you got to have some family time too, not enough of it these days. Thanks also for your lovely blog comments.


  8. Wow, your vegie patch looks amazing.
    I love the look of Miss 7's birthday party, very pretty and very clever.

  9. Wow you have been busy!! I love everything you've shown. I think handmade is so much nicer and I bet your niece loves her little toy.

    My son is 3 this year and I had promised him (and myself) this would be his first year to have friends over for a party. Little did I know then that I would be pregnant, and the baby due on his birthday!! I'm still going to stick to my goal and try to outsource things like little handmade finger foods and some other cute decorations. Thankfully my parent's will be able to run the show if baby isn't early (I'm crossing my fingers!).

    Your garden beds look gorgeous - one of the advantages of a big yard. I think with the vegetable prices on the rise you'll be able to sell some and make a tidy profit!!

  10. A-mazing birthday table - just gorgeous and it really does look like a magazine shoot, fab styling! Glad you've been enjoying time with your family too, nice to have you posting again though.

  11. Your party table is worthy of a magazine, Catherine. I would love to see more photos of the things you made if you ever feel the need to share!

    I'm visiting from Emma's DIY Parties linky. It's so much fun!



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