Tuesday, May 10

I can't believe it's been almost a week since I've posted, partly because things have been busy and because I can't get my new post editor in blogger to work so I'm using the old today. Since I posted last there's been a visit to the hospital, hmmm.
A special birthday to celebrate, happy birthday Dad!
And Mother's Day with my family enjoying some markets in the country and a bbq in the park,
ending with a yummy dessert.
 I hope that you are enjoying your Tuesday.

(Edited: blogger is finally working.)


  1. What a week!
    Enjoy this one Catherine.

  2. That top photo looks a little nasty and looks like a narrow escape for the eye!

  3. That was a close one:(
    I wanna piece of pie please!

    P.s. I had the same problem with the editor and had to go back to the old one to post.

  4. Happy Tuesday Catherine.

  5. Sounds like a big week. I hope this one is calmer!

  6. Your poor little one, lucky as it's close to her eye. Your Mothers Day sounded lovely, glad you enjoyed your day xx

  7. Ouch, hope your daughter is ok!

    I love seeing old photos. I have one of my Dad holding a soft toy puppy. He couldn't have been any older than Brian is now.

  8. My, what a week, Catherine! Yes, Blogger was very annoying for quite some time. J x

  9. Lovely family :) So heart warming :)

  10. Lovely photos. The pie looks delicious. Hope everything is OK and no more hospital visits needed. Charmaine

  11. Ooh ouch! Lucky one. I do love your recipes x

  12. I hope your little one is OK, that does look scary-close to her eye.
    Whoa, your pie looks AMAZING! I want some. NOW.


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