Tuesday, November 29


my mind has been busy with end of school goings on; organising interviews for my youngest to change schools, books and uniforms for next year before school finishes and thinking of Christmas.  I have been remembering to try and breathe and enjoy the little things too, not to forget to enjoy the process along the way.
On Sunday when the sun went down and the weather was cooler I went outside and dug up my crop of potatoes and pulled the last of the carrots.  We'll be enjoying potatoes and carrots this week for dinner.
The house is glowing like a Christmas tree and the girls just love going out after dinner to see the house alight.  I got my hubby to try and buy a few more solar lights this year but since we've got solar power on the house a few electric lights isn't going to hurt.
And tonight I sat and finished the other mug cosie, so the teacher gifts just need to be wrapped up and that's a couple of gifts finished.

How are your Christmas preparations going?


  1. House looks wonder land like! Me too Catherine, I have been feeling very overwhelmed too and trying to remember this can he fun if I just allow it to be!

  2. Your house looks lovely and Christmassy!! My girls finished school last week - so I've just breathed a sigh of relief, and tomorrow we start on the tree and decorations! Hang on in there - it's almost the holidays!! :)

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  3. We are slowly getting there Catherine but I have no doubt December will be a slightly frantic month of getting organised.

    Really loving your teachers gifts and can't wait to take the kids to look at Christmas lights.

    Hope you manage some time to relax this weekend.


  4. I LOVE your second mug cozy, as much as the first:) You are so clever and I bet your gifts will be ones that are treasured for a long time to come!! LOVE your Christmas lights on your house...I just don't have the motivation, but we do go for drives at night around town to check out everyone else's ;) ~ xx

  5. Mug cosy are such a great idea Catherine!Must e busy with all that in mind but you sound like you are doing so well to take some moments to breathe!We have no lights here...I hope we will manage some but we love going around and enjoying everyone's lovely job :) x

  6. lovely colour on the mug cosy, love it stacks.

  7. Your Christmas lights look lovely Catherine - we've promised Grace we'll take her for a drive to see some around here.


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