Wednesday, February 5


Life lately has been interesting. I'm learning to deal with the loss of my Dad and I've seen things in people I haven't seen before which has made for an emotional time.  I haven't picked up the camera much at all until today.  There was a new lens purchased so both physically and figuratively I'm seeing things differently, trying to work towards a new normal.  The following photos are from today but I hope I'll pick the camera up a little more, hubby returns to work and life will return back to normal as of tomorrow.  I'm breathing deeply and just taking things daily, trying my best and looking forward.  I think there will be a bit of writing tomorrow, plans for the future, things to look forward to I'm sure will help get me through this new beginning...
Miss Molly my first subject to photograph who is mostly willing.
Little Miss 10 doing her homework and yes she likes to sit on the floor rather than her desk not ideal as long as things get done I'm happy.
Looking through.  A new bunch of flowers from my dear friend, I feel blessed.

Just chilling out after coming home from a trip to the big smoke, watching my hubby finishing off his painting.
On the menu tonight, Thai Green Chicken Curry with basmati rice.

Have a wonderful Thursday my friends.


  1. Catherine, I'm so sorry for your loss; I can't even imagine. Sending you lots of love and strength. xox

    Your images are lovely, as always :)

  2. Great to see you pick up the camera again Catherine. Finding the new normal is a slow process isn't it. although I've had a little longer than you to adjust, I'm not there yet. Sometimes when I'm taking photos I think of Dad and take pics of things I wish he could see. Your Miss Molly has the prettiest eyes, and I like the look of that green curry. is that a supermarket buy or deli? Jx

  3. Take things slowly Catherine, even your photo taking. Life will all seem very surreal for some time and you need to be kind to yourself and not expect too much of yourself. Your Dad's loss is such an emotionally draining time and you will feel things physically too. Sending you much strength and love and thinking of you always my friend xx

  4. Its a lovely metaphor to be looking and seeing things differently (through a lens of sorts)
    Thinking of you and sending hugs

  5. I hope you're managing okay, although I know it's ups and downs. No loss is the same for everyone, but loss is loss and there is that much in common. I know that it can be disappointing having to deal with the reactions of others to yourself when you are dealing with loss, but I hope it's not causing you more hurt, I feel so often others are so anxious about causing more upset that they say nothing and I found that nothing is worse that anything.


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