Wednesday, June 18


It was Miss 10's athletics carnival today so she got into the spirit of things by wearing her cheering pom pom as a pony tail, always so creative and not afraid to show her individuality.
A pumpkin waiting to be made into this.  My girls love it served with a bit of salad.  I would have to say it is their most favourite vegetarian dish.


  1. Oh yum....I have half a homegrown pumpkin on my bench...this could the way to use it for sure.
    Pom Pom pony tails...very fun. Xxxx

  2. Such a cute photo of your daughter and her fun ponytail. The pumpkin recipe sounds delicious! xx

  3. Great photos. Looks like a good week. I thought the pompom was a backpack at first! Had to have a second look! Happy Friday. Hope you have a great weekend.

  4. Love the photos from the athletics, Catherine :)


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