Friday, June 27


 A couple of simple little birthday gift cards.
 The light filtering through my neighbours flowering tree.
 My lemon tree has tiny lemons on it, yeah I hope they grow into big lemons.
 I was playing around with underexposing.  I love the ball of light in the distance, sunset today.
 I can't quite remember the name of these, Dad would have always known....
Miss 10 relaxing, filling her new book with beautiful drawings.

How has the weather been where you are? It was freezing here last night, -2℃ brrr  not fun in a Queenslander home. The poor girls were dropped off at school when it was just 4℃, finally winter has arrived.

Have the most wonderful Saturday. 


  1. It's been very chilly here too. It was 3 degrees here this morning I think. We've had a couple of freezing cold mornings. The days have been clear and sunny this week but rather cold, especially inside the house. Sophie and I have been having our lunch out in the sunshine this week trying to thaw ourselves out :)

  2. Cooking time, a special serie of pictures.


  3. Great cards as always! It's fun to see the little glimpse into your days.

  4. Yes cold starts here too....that's what makes capturing sneaks of sun so much nicer xx🌺


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